Children’s ‘lived experience’ of the food environment in the Philippines

Realities of children's lives and how policies can improve their food environments and diets

Children flock to buy pichi-pichi, a snack made from grated cassava, grated coconut, and sugar to taste.
UNICEF Philippines/2021/Joey Reyna


The diets of children in the Philippines are shaped by the environments in which they live. Understanding how these environments influence children allows UNICEF to identify the policies that the Government of the Philippines and partners need to strengthen so that children are able to access healthier diets and living conditions to support their growth and development. This document describes a day in the life of four children from different parts of the Philippines and of different ages. The 'lived experiences' of these children highlights the realities of children's lives and clearly indicates how policies can improve their environments and diets.

Fiona Watson, Corinna Hawkes, Nikka Oliver, Cherry Maramag, Mary Christine Castro, Alice Nkoroi, Maria Evelyn Carpio
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