The bond with your baby


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Transcript of 'The bond with your baby' video

Dr. José Martins Filho: Perceiving a bond is easier than talking about it, but we can define a bond as an intimate relationship between two beings, which is very intense from the moment of birth on. And its fundamental purpose is to protect newborns, as this bond will make the mother dedicate intensely to the child. At times she will even forget about her partner, her life, she will have the feeling she needs to do it right. And the response to bonding is attachment.

Anna Maria Chiesa, Ph.D: Bonding depends a lot more on how willing you are to establish contact, to get to know your child, to build a relationship. Children are always very open to bonding. It depends a lot more on the adult getting in tune with the child's availability.

Father to child: Where's Pedro? Where's he? Got ya!

Adriana Friedman: Bonding is fundamental both physically and psychically for the child to feel safe. The child must feel that someone, at some moment, will tend to their needs. And also to open themselves to the world, if this caregiver not only tend to the child's needs, but provides a safe environment and good quality nutrition. The very first years are very complex.

Mother: Bonding is made through time spent together. We have breakfast together every day, we must have our meals in family. We must respect them too. We must understand who they are and respect them for who they are.

Mother: When I held them, both Benjamin and Estela, I was absolutely charmed by their nature, but the love I feel for them is always in progress. It's built daily. I've learned to love them desperately, just like they've learned to love me, because they found out I'm their mother in our everyday life. This means staying up all night, bathing them, changing their diapers. It's learning how to deal with their tantrums. This is building love, love is a construction.

Child: It's delicious!

Renata Meirelles: Relationships are difficult, they are hard work, but it's through them that children develop. Relationships provide the core and the essence of life. I believe this is a historical moment for reestablishing bonds and never let this go away because infancy will be gone and this is the only moment create our bonds.