Young people are joining the global challenge to #ENDViolence against and among children

22 February 2019
Group photo of the five teams people who developed creative solutions to end violence against and among children as part of #Generation Unlimited

Skopje, 21 February 2019 –  Two teams of young people who developed creative solutions to end violence against and among children were officially selected among five teams to represent the country at the global challenge of Generation Unlimited. 

Generation Unlimited is an ambitious partnership which was launched at a high-level event during the 73rd Session of the United Nations General Assembly aimed at getting every young person into quality education, training or employment by 2030. In 16 countries worldwide, including ours, young people are engaged to create solutions that will support the three key pillars of Generation Unlimited: secondary-age education; skills for learning, employability and decent work; and empowerment. In our country, the focus is on solutions to #ENDViolence against and among children. 

“The age of adolescence is the best time to stimulate creative thinking and innovation. All the teams who pitched solutions co-created with and for young people to end violence give hope that together we can create a better future for all,” said Benjamin Perks, UNICEF Representative.

In the process of development of their ideas young people from the five teams “Nula”, “SPES”, “Violence Fighters”, “AndroMeta” and “Interconnecting solutions” conducted surveys to learn how their peers cope with bullying and violence, some used art as a tool for healing trauma and most of them applied technologies to develop platforms for children and young people where they can get support and advice.

“Many children struggle to express their emotions and don’t have a place to vent. That’s why we created “SpeakOut” - a virtual peer-to-peer support community where victims of violence and bullying can anonymously consult and get support from peers,” said Aleksandra Popovska, leader of the team “AndroMeta” going on to compete in the Generation Unlimited global challenge.

“Our team created SuperPako – a character who guides both child victims of violence and child bullies through a game that helps build resilience and empathy. SuperPako is in fact an alpaca which we choose to be the main character because they are gentle animals that like children,” said Stojan Stojcevski, leader of the team “Interconnecting solutions” which is also going on to compete the Generation Unlimited global challenge. 

The initiative was launched last year when young and creative innovators were encouraged to apply for the youth challenge having in mind the specific goals: to create support system, platforms and connect role models; reduce bullying, cyberbullying and violence among young people in and around schools and change perceptions and attitudes among adults towards meaningful engagement of adolescents and young people in their communities.

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