“Preschool for All“ campain invites children in the northern region of Montenegro to go to preschool

Early childhood education

UNICEF Montenegro
A boy playing in a preschool in Rozaje
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2015

15 December 2015

ROZAJE, December 2015 - Nerma Dobricanin, a mother of a preschooler from Rozaje, changed her opinion about the need of her child to attend a preschool due to the Preschool for All campaign launched by UNICEF and the Ministry of Education to increase preschool attendance rates in the spring of 2015.

I witnessed that the campaign “Preschool for All”, which was organized in our town square, encouraged and impressed many parents who had previously thought that preschools are just for babysitting children while parents are at work or busy.

Nerma Dobričanin, a mother of a preschooler from Rozaje

“They have contributed to the improvement of parents’ awareness and understanding of how important preschool education is. I noticed a better quality work among preschool teachers, as that the campaign was helpful even to them,” another mother from Rozaje, Edita Šahman explained.

This campaign really had a great impact in our town. The kindergarten became much closer to both children and parents, especially to the unemployed parents who thought that they should not take their children to preschool. They now realized that they should. And for us, the preschool teachers, it was also a new experience and a new way of working.

Tehvida Gusinjac, a preschool teacher from Rozaje

However, the most satisfied were the children who began to attend preschool education for the first time.

Girls playing in a preschool in Rozaje
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2015
Girls playing in a preschool in Rozaje

“I go to kindergarten to hang out with my friends, to learn many, useful things. We learn how to paint, to sing songs, to write letters. We learn not to take things from each other, that nothing is mine and that everything is everyone’s here,” says five-years old Amra.

“I like playing here and I like my friends. I love to hang out with each one of them. In preschool, I learned about domestic animals…”continues her friend from the preschool group in Rozaje.

In spring of 2015, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education launched the campaign "Preschool for All" in five municipalities in the north of Montenegro, where the preschool enrollment rates are the lowest: Bijelo Polje, Berane, Rozaje, Plav and Andrijevica.

The first results are promising - almost all parents, 91 per cent, assessed it as useful for parents and preschool children to become acquainted with Montenegrin preschools. More importantly, 43 percent of parents said that the campaign encouraged them personally to enroll their children in preschool.