Our World as Historical Data

Let's be media literate for our own sake and the sake of this planet.

Lana Jovanović, 15, young reporter - UNICEF volunteer
Lana Jovanović, 15, young reporter - UNICEF volunteer
UNICEF Montenegro / Duško Miljanić / 2019
01 August 2019

Will there exist in the year 2090 even as much as half of the land that exists on the Earth today?

Will children still be able to watch polar bears and penguins in documentary programmes, or will they be shown as historical data from the past?

As things stand now, it is realistic that we will hear: "All the ice has melted in Antarctica... polar bears as a species are now extinct..."

In the same way, news on climate change, or rather, news of catastrophic consequences for nature and wildlife will be heard.

Can you imagine this kind of news in 70 years?!  It won't be fake news for sure!

Today, one in every five citizens in Montenegro believes that global warming and climate change are fake news, a conspiracy theory...

To identify fake news, we need to check who the source of information is and how much it can be trusted, as well as what other trusted sources have to say when it comes to that subject. Also, it is particularly important to seek the opinions of experts.

If we delve into this kind of analysis, we will come to a clear conclusion that climate change and global warming are real news, i.e. facts.

Also, we will get ideas about the action we can take to contribute to the preservation of the planet – planting trees, for example.

We often forget about going on good, old-fashioned walks... as if modern man has forgotten how to walk. You may laugh at this, but, again, where is the visible action – why don't we walk? It is as if we were born in a car. On the other hand, imagine a person in a wheelchair who has dreamed all their life of walking, swimming and running.

We do not seem to sufficiently appreciate what we already have, especially nature, which offers everything and asks for nothing in return. It is our responsibility to preserve it and not allow us to become mere historical data.

There is an ongoing process of global warming that is threatening the entire planet and to which we are all contributing daily, while one-fifth of Montenegrins deny that this is happening and consider it fake news.

Let's be media literate for our own sake and for the sake of this planet.

Let’s plant a tree. Today.

And as I have already asked you, did you know that people can walk?