PISA 2015 results

and Education Policy Recommendations

Djeca u učionici
UNICEF Crna Gora / Duško Miljanić / 2019


The PISA 2015 Results and Education Policy Recommendations report aims at analysing the quality and equity of education, and at giving relevant recommendations on how to increase the capacities of the education system to properly support students in developing their key competencies.
The report is a result of several months of cooperation between Montenegro’s Ministry of Education (MoEd) and the UNICEF Country Office, which secured expert support in drafting the report. This joint work was an opportunity to identify the key challenges that Montenegro’s education system is facing. On such grounds, the working group set up by the Ministry of Education gave recommendations tailored to the specificities of the Montenegrin education environment.

PISA 2015 Cover
Ministry of Education, UNICEF Montenegro
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Montenegrin, English

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