Key 21st century competencies in curricula in Montenegro

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A boy and a girl in front of the interactive white board
UNICEF Montenegro / Dusko Miljanic / 2015


The paper before you is the result of the research into socio-emotional and key competencies in primary, secondary and pre-service teacher training curricula in Montenegro, conducted within the framework of the ‘My Values and Virtues’ project (2015–2018) – giving support to schools in developing selected 21st century competencies (UNICEF, Montenegro). Adequate preparation of young people for their future professions and the labour market is a prerequisite for their employment and future careers. The research goal, thus, was to examine to what extent socio-emotional and key competencies are systematically and consistently integrated in Montenegrin primary, secondary and preservice teacher training curricula.

Key 21st century competencies in curricula in Montenegro cover
UNICEF Montenegro
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