KAP survey - Violence against children

End violence

A girl


•The entire study was conducted in accordance with standards and methodology approved by the Ethics Committee of UNICEF Montenegro.

•The study in no way caused pain, suffering or damage to participants - the participants in the study were exclusively adult inhabitants of Montenegro who voluntarily agreed to participate in it. The respondents did not get any financial or non-financial compensation for participation in the study.

•All of the questions are worded in such a way that do not bring harm (physical or psychological) to the respondents – there were no incidents nor unexpected situations recorded during fieldwork.

•Before fieldwork was carried out, detailed training of interviewers  was held - a special focus was placed on the theme of children's rights and violence against children, as well as ethics in research.

•This also included the training of interviewers regarding their behaviour towards the respondents, but also training in ways to respond to unexpected situations - all interviewers were given a written behaviour protocol.

•The research fully respected the anonymity, privacy and confidentiality of all respondents – all data was represented in a summative manner without providing personal information to other parties; interviewing was done in an isolated room without the presence of other household members (whenever possible), the database was stored on a server that is code-protected and only the research team for this project has access to database.

•The conflict of interest is completely avoided in the present study.

A face of a girl
UNICEF Montenegro, IPSOS
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