UNICEF Libya Annual Report 2023

For Every Child, Every Right

A portrait of a smiling boy in a blue vest
UNICEF/Libya/Ahmed Ibrahim


The year 2023 marked the first year of UNICEF Libya's Country Programme (2023-2025), characterized by significant progress for children amidst formidable challenges. The nation navigated a fragile security environment compounded by enduring humanitarian crises, climate change impacts, and internal displacement, notably exacerbated by Storm Daniel and subsequent floods.

Health and Nutrition: Collaborating with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF ensured continuous access to primary healthcare and nutrition services, despite obstacles. Through training programs and awareness campaigns, they improved healthcare provision and immunization coverage, contributing to lower child mortality rates.

Education: UNICEF advocated for policy development and implemented initiatives to improve access to quality education. Innovations like the Education Management and Information System (EMIS) and the Learning Passport digital platform aimed to provide inclusive learning opportunities for all children.

Water Access and Climate Resilience:UNICEF prioritized climate resilience and sustainable water management. Through advocacy and flood response efforts, they addressed challenges in water access and sanitation, ensuring affected communities had access to safe water despite environmental crises like Storm Daniel.

Child Protection: UNICEF provided targeted support for vulnerable children, including those affected by migration. By offering specialized mental health services, distributing essential kits, and providing training for caregivers, they enhanced child protection services and promoted positive parenting practices.

Social Protection and Advocacy:UNICEF played a significant role in advancing social protection through collaboration, capacity-building, and policy advocacy. By aligning national strategies with international frameworks, they aimed to strengthen social protection systems and support vulnerable populations across Libya.

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