A profile of violence against children and adolescents in the Middle East and North Africa

Leaving no one behind

Child peaking from behind his mothers dress


This brochure offers a snapshot of three forms of violence that many children and adolescents experience in the Middle East and North Africa region: physical force or verbal intimidation used as disciplinary methods at home; bullying, corporal punishment and (in times of conflict) attacks while at school; and violent deaths in adolescence. It concludes with specific national actions and strategies that UNICEF and partners in the Middle East and North Africa have embraced to prevent and respond to violence against children.

Many countries in the Middle East and North Africa continue to lack comparable data on some forms of violence, which hinders their ability to monitor the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Notably, these data gaps include violence against adolescent girls and women, as covered by SDG 5, and sexual violence in childhood, under SDG 16.

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