North East Syria Response Situation Report #10

27 October 2019

a group of displaced kids in a class room


  • According to the latest reports from UN OCHA, as of 23 October, the movement of 200,465 people was recorded since 9 October. Of these, 139,265 people remain displaced from Al- Hasakeh (86,921), Ar-Raqqa (35,463) and Aleppo governorates (16,881), while 61,200 people have returned to their areas of origin in Al-Hasakeh (32,200) and Ar-Raqqa (29,000) governorates.
  • As of 27 October 2019, 11,664 Syrian refugees (including approximately 5,700 children) have entered Dohuk, in north-western Iraq.
  • On 27 October, the Syrian Humanitarian Fund was launched with a reserve allocation of US $15 million to support partners in Syria responding to the NES crisis.
  • UNICEF and partners have provided polio and measles vaccinations for approximately 230,000 children under the age of five in Al-Hasakeh governorate, including in collective shelters and camps such as Al-Hol and Areesha between 13 and 17 October. 
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