Regional UN Nutrition Collaboration Framework


Child fed by her parent cereal


As a step towards strengthening the collaboration among the UN agencies and harmonising their technical support on nutrition to MENA, EM and NENA countries between the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), World Health Organization (WHO), and World Food Programme (WFP) have developed and agreed on a Regional Nutrition Collaboration Framework (Framework). Recalling the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean Region’s resolutions EM/RC66/R1 on the regional framework for action on obesity prevention 2019-2023 and EM/RC65/6 and the strategy on nutrition for the Eastern Mediterranean Region 2020-20302, which the Member States have endorsed; UNICEF’s Nutrition Strategy 2020-20303, a call to action to address maternal and child undernutrition4, FAO Strategic Framework 2022-315, endorsed, approved by FAO Member States and outlining the vision and strategy for Better Nutrition, Better Production, Better Environment, and Better Life, and in alignment with Global collaboration and partnership agreements6 and agencies’ global strategies and plans, this Framework aims to facilitate the following in the MENA, EM, and NENA regions:

  1. Identification of the areas for strategic collaboration between the four UN agencies on nutrition through the life cycle
  2. Systematic technical collaboration and coordination at the regional level for accelerating action on nutrition through the life course in countries
  3. Joint and complementary actions on nutrition at the regional and country level
  4. Harmonized joint support to countries on prioritizing and influencing action on nutrition 
  5. Joint advocacy, resource mobilization and knowledge management at the regional and country levels 
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