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Best Business Practice Circular & Guidance Toolkit

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The first-of-its-kind, a Best Business Practice Circular & Guidance Toolkit has been carefully curated to guide private sector property developers and local authorities. The guidance and tools in these publications will enable the replication of child friendly and disability inclusive spaces accessible to ALL children of ANY age anywhere in Malaysia and beyond.

In order to demonstrate inclusivity at its best, UNICEF collaborated with Sime Darby Property (a leading private sector property developer in Malaysia) to design and build the country’s inaugural Inclusive Playground within their award-winning township, City of Elmina, Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

The cornerstone of the design process was the participation of children with and without disabilities, their families and expert disability practitioners. In addition, was the adoption of Universal Design principles within the design, implementation, and construction of the Inclusive Playground. Universal Design is an inclusive approach towards designing a product or an environment which ensures accessibility to as many people as possible, regardless of age, gender, and disability. It enables different people, with their diverse needs and perspectives, to each engage with a product or environment in a way that is most meaningful and useful to them.

Far from being an economic burden on the local authority and private sector property developers, the provision of high-quality outdoor child-friendly and inclusive spaces foster a deep sense of locally owned social responsibility towards ALL community members. Investments made with inclusion in mind are priceless and far outweigh any associated costs.

Not only does this Inclusive Playground: Best Business Practice Circular & Guidance Toolkit serve as inspiration to other local authorities striving to become more cohesive and inclusive, it also acts as a beacon of excellence for future property development in Malaysia.

The Best Business Practice Circular & Guidance Toolkit is available in two versions (Executive Summary and Full Report) and can be download here. 

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UNICEF Malaysia & Sime Darby Property
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