Mtheto hopes his automatic sanitizer dispenser will reduce the spread of COVID-19

Voices of Youth

By Rebecca Phwitiko
Mtheto’s solution could improve the efficiency of sanitizers in public places
UNICEF Malawi/2020/Govati Nyirenda
25 August 2020

Mtheto Sinjani is a 23-year-old system programmer, 3D designer and drone pilot. He studied Information and Communication Technology at Handong Global University in South Korea and Daeyang University in Malawi. Two years ago, he built a machine that produces complex shapes from a computer to real life.

The COVID-19 pandemic has limited Mtheto’s interaction with friends and family. He cannot travel as freely as he is used to. He thought of a way to help stop the spread of pandemic and designed an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. This dispenser has a sensor which detects hand movement towards the bottle and releases hand sanitizer so one does not need to touch it to sanitize their hands.

“I want to succeed in life, so I work hard every day. I developed this solution because I think it could improve the efficiency of sanitizers in public places,” explains Mtheto.

Mtheto noticed that most public places such as supermarkets use the regular bottled sanitizers which attendants must manually dispense to customers entering the supermarket. This increases the risk of transmission as the customers and attendants interact in the process.

“The future is in the hands of young people and when we bring our ideas forward, they get sharpened every day,” says Mtheto.