UNICEF Malawi COVID-19 Situation Report 23 September

COVID-19 in Malawi

Sam is re-imagining education, to reach children in remote and disadvantaged communities during COVID-19
UNICEF Malawi/2020


  • UNICEF is supporting the scale up of screening of travellers at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) and land border crossings to strengthen the surveillance systems and build capacity for detection of COVID-19 cases. Within the reporting period, more than 77,500 road travellers and about 400 flyers that entered the country through KIA were screened by health workers with support from Malawi Red Cross Society volunteers.
  • In response to the large number of returnees that the country continues to receive, 12 new latrines were installed at Mwanza border post. To date, a total of 112 emergency latrines have been installed with UNICEF support in nine districts.
  • UNICEF has supported the Ministry of Education (MoE) to develop 100 different key messages on back to school campaign, keeping girls in school including ending child marriages, hygiene and COVID-19 prevention, gender equality including sexual gender-based violence (SGBV) prevention and on adolescent nutrition. The messages have been translated into local languages including Chichewa, Yao and Tumbuka languages. MoE expects to reach a total of 2.6 million people with these key messages including in and out of schoolboys and girls.
  • During the reporting period, over 14,500 adolescents from 65 schools in Mangochi, Dedza and Salima have been reached with key COVID 19 related key messages including elimination of child marriages, back to school campaign, gender equality and child rights, adolescent nutrition, hygiene, deworming and COVID-19 prevention.
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