UNICEF Malawi 2022 Annual Report

Achieving results for children

Children in Phalombe
UNICEF Malawi/2023/HD Plus


The challenges we faced in 2022 were daunting, with economic and climate crises wreaking havoc on the lives of children in Malawi. The COVID-19 pandemic, polio outbreaks, and an unprecedented cholera epidemic threatened to undo decades of progress. The risks were real, and the consequences were dire. Children bore the brunt, experiencing learning loss, public health challenges, malnutrition, and the disturbing rise of sexual violence, exploitation, and abuse. But in the face of adversity, UNICEF stood strong. We were determined to continue our vital work, tirelessly striving to strengthen systems and improve the lives of children and their families. Despite the multiple emergencies, we reached over 5 million children through emergency responses, ensuring their access to essential services. We also embraced community-based health services and invested in digital solutions, guaranteeing that no child was left behind. We provided therapeutic nutrition programmes for malnourished children, offered psychosocial support, and introduced remote learning activities to mitigate the impact of learning loss. Our water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) promotion efforts helped reduce the spread of cholera and other water-borne diseases. We are proud of the results we achieved for children in Malawi in 2022 which was made possible because of our many partners’ support.

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