Barriers to access social assistance and special social services in Kazakhstan

This study is aimed to study the barriers to accessing social assistance and state benefits for children in Kazakhstan.

семья за чертой бедности
UNICEF/2014/Giacomo Pirozzi


This research investigates the barriers which low-income and vulnerable families with children face in accessing poverty-targeted social assistance (Targeted Social Assistance, TSA and the State Child Allowance, SCA2) and special social services. It focuses on children living in households, rather than those residing in institutions and, with respect to special social services, primarily covers children with disabilities and those with limited capacities.

The research is undertaken prior to the nationwide roll-out of reforms to social assistance which is scheduled from January 2018.

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Люси Скотт, Джорджина Стердж и Бабкен Бабаджанян
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Russian, Kazakh, English