Request for Proposals: Data Collection Services Contractor

160 days over a period of 14 months

Request for Proposals: Data Collection Services Contractor


MICS Plus is an initiative of UNICEF’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS) programme, to support countries in conducting phone surveys for the collection of representative data on a frequent basis, and real-time reporting.

With the Population and Housing Census currently ongoing, the Statistical Institute of Jamaica is unable to undertake the field components of the Jamaica MICS Plus, as would be customary for a national survey. UNICEF therefore seeks proposals from qualified firms specialized in data collection using the CATI modality, to complete all field aspects of the survey (customization of the CAPI application, recruitment of interviewers and supervisors, facilitation of field staff training, piloting of the questionnaire and collection of the data), with the first wave of data collection in February 2023. 

The main objective of this contract is to effectively and efficiently implement all activities associated with data collection for the Jamaica MICS Plus 2023-2024, ensuring alignment with MICS Plus standards and protocols. 

RFP Data Collection Services Contractor

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