The importance of child brain development in the early years of life

UNICEF highlights the importance of child brain development in the early years of life

Child brain development in the early years of life
یونیسف ایران/اندیشه راد
26 April 2017

Tehran, 26 April 2017 – UNICEF Iran Representative, Dr Will Parks, attended the Annual Congress of Iranian Society of Pediatrics and delivered a speech on the importance of investment in a child’s brain development during pregnancy and in the early years after birth.

In this ceremony jointly organized by Iranian Society of Pediatrics and Children’s Medical Center, a group of Iran’s pediatric medicine specialists including pediatricians, pediatric academia and veteran experts gathered to exchange professional knowledge, skills and ideas on children’s health status in the country.

In his opening remarks, Head of Iranian Society of Pediatrics, Dr Gholamreza Khatami, appreciated the considerable efforts made by Iranian pediatricians in advancement of children health status in Iran and said: “The presence of hardworking colleagues in the scientific medical meetings and their active participation in discussions, is a promise for improving children's health in our country.”

UNICEF Representative in Iran, Dr Will Parks, addressing the opening ceremony of the congress referred to the exceptional period of the first 1,000 days of a child’s life and said: “We all need to pay special attention to brain development during the first few years of a child’s life, starting from conception through to three to five years of age; during this time child’s brain produces 700 new neural connections every second – a pace never repeated again.” He continue: “The investment we make in the first years of a child’s life can last forever and leads to healthy brain development of children which helps them to become self-sufficient and self-productive members of their society. This is what I call a brilliant “brain-gain” investment.” He thanked the Iranian Society of Pediatrics for organizing the congress and for the work they do throughout the country to assist the youngest in society.

In this event, President of the Academy of Medical Sciences, Dr Alireza Marandi, highlighted the hard work and remarkable efforts of Iranian pediatricians which has contributed to the enhancement of children’s health over the past 30 years and added: “we need to invest more on responsive Medical education that involves teaching and excessive medical researches.”

The ceremony was followed by the speech of the Deputy Health Minister, Dr Ali Akbar Sayyari who emphasized on the vital role of mothers’ nutrition during pregnancy and its effect on child health and brain development, the nutritional status of children in the country and the current disordered market of supplementary vitamins for children.

In this three day event, participants discussed a number of current concerns in children’s health such as prevalence of respiratory infections, nutrition status, asthma, anemia, forensic medicine, nerves and heart diseases and gastrointestinal issues.

The Annual Congress of Iranian Society of Pediatrics and its side technical discussions help children health experts participate in constructive discussions to exchange the newest scientific information and enhancements in the field of children’s health.