StockKnowledge: Gamified adaptive learning tool

StockKnowledge is part of UNICEF’s Innovation Fund Investments in Skills and Connectivity

Anna Marie Benzon, Founder & CEO, StockKnowledge Corp.
tock Knowledge goes to the University of the Philippines Rural High School to share the latest EdTech that most digitally savvy learners enjoy
Stock Knowledge Corp.
13 July 2020

Stock Knowledge is developing a secure and reliable gamification learning platform for students and teachers that can effectively increase users’ aptitude.

The tool features a learning management system that allows teachers to share materials, conduct quizzes, and track students’ activities and progress. It also has an interface that allows students to view  their courses, tests, and performance statistics. In addition, the platform has an adaptive learning tool in which contents are strategically designed for individualized learning.

The platform is bolstered with gamification features such as points, instant feedback, badges, and levels, which make the learning process more motivating and engaging for students. Finally, the platform has a social network that connects learners to one another for effective collaboration. It allows them to add their friends, and create a study group and forum.


Using extended reality can allow students to venture into subject areas through simulation, for example, by exploring the subatomic world, studying parts of the body, exploring lava inside a volcano.  Moreover, based on a Harvard University study in 2016, students using adaptive learning technology improved 58% more than the growth norms with just 60 minutes per week. Therefore, using our advanced approach, students can quickly learn and understand difficult concepts like STEM subjects.


Having an open source solution in our business process, we make our technological progress faster and more efficient when a potential million developers from around the world would contribute to our project as opposed to having a tiny group of developers we have as a startup company. That said, we aim to form a Stock Knowledge developer community to welcome better ideas, thus, contributing to build a more reliable, secure, cost-efficient, and flexible learning platform.

Event by Stock Knowledge’s Digital Learning 2.0 held at De La Salle University last March 22, 2019
Stock Knowledge Corp.
Event by Stock Knowledge’s Digital Learning 2.0 held at De La Salle University last March 22, 2019.


With my background as a Physics teacher in college, I was frustrated with the huge gap between the academic needs of digitally savvy learners and traditional teaching methods. Most of my students were bored with the chalk-and-talk method, and complained about the frequent collapse of the learning platform that they were using.

Although there are existing online learning tools for blended learning, I’ve observed that many students as well as teachers still preferred Facebook to interact with their peers. However, based on my experience, this was not enough, and led me to create a user-friendly learning management system (LMS), which later became Stock Knowledge.


Today, we are a team of scientists, engineers, educators, and entrepreneurs to ensure that every element of a learning program is delivered seamlessly from concept to completion.

The way we onboard team members is simply based on the right attitude and meritocracy to deliver the best service to our clients. Although most of our members have impressive corporate and academic backgrounds, including science and engineering Ph.Ds and masters from top international business schools, we also hire young professionals who don’t necessarily have college degrees. 


UNICEF's Venture Fund investment will help us deploy an open-source learning platform necessary for digital education that will be more reliable, secure, and more powerful that’s much needed especially during COVID-19, which has forced schools to go online. The good news is that our mobile app will have an offline mode for students who have Internet connectivity challenges. 

Our vision is to contribute to the future of learning and as an Innovation Fund investee, we will be better positioned to achieve our mission.We hope to scale our solution to empower students and teachers with new learning tools. We are also extremely excited to meet our fellow startups in the cohort, and look forward to co-creating, networking, and potentially collaborating as we develop our solutions.