Angaza Elimu: Using AI for On-Demand Education

Angaza Elimu is part of UNICEF’s Innovation Fund Investments in Skills and Connectivity

Kiko Muuo, CEO, Angaza Elimu
‘Start-Up Za’atari’ is part of the UNICEF X ONE Humanitarian Changemakers Lab, a new partnership to equip vulnerable youth in Jordan with the knowledge and business skills needed to design their own solutions to everyday challenges and to promote entrepreneurship and jobs.
13 July 2020

Angaza Elimu exists to ensure that every child has access to quality and relevant education on demand.

Our team has developed an interactive eLearning platform powered by artificial intelligence which delivers personalized learning experiences to students and amplifies teacher student engagement. The platform has interactive and adaptive learning modules, giving students access to rich quality digital content and adaptive assessments. We provide teachers with a supportive tool to identify students' specific needs and help deliver personalized/customized instruction. 

Parents also have the option to receive instant notifications about their children's performance and engage with teachers instantaneously  contributing to targeted, constructive, feedback.


In the three years that we have been operational we have made great strides in the following areas

  • Traction: we have managed to reach 9k+ students with our interactive eLearning platform in addition to another 14k+ students through our Innovators STEAM program built to equip students with relevant 21st century skills.
  • Product development: we believe in building home grown solutions for local markets. Our eLearning product has evolved from a basic web app offering revision materials to an interactive and adaptive platform giving students a personalized learning experience.
  • Strategic partnerships: our operations are supported by different partners bringing expertise and resources across the following areas: business development (Liquid Telecom, World University Service of Canada, Microsoft), accelerators and mentors (Krypto Labs, Yunus and Youth, MCW Global, YGAP)
  • Impact: we have created a notable impact across the different education stakeholders in the following ways: Students have recorded an average improvement of 24% in overall academic performance, Teachers have saved 45,900+ minutes by reduced administrative tasks, Parents have saved more than $78K+ by subscribing their children on our platform instead of buying textbooks hence reducing the financial barriers to educational resources.
Snapshot of Science lesson notes from the eLearning platform
Angaza Elimu
Snapshot of Science lesson notes from the eLearning platform


Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence have proven to meet specific learning needs of students  and to support teachers in providing personalized instruction. This is valuable in places like Kenya, where traditional learning and teaching models do not always capture students' learning needs. Resource-poor students do not have access to relevant and quality education material and teachers are overwhelmed by routine administrative tasks and large classroom sizes.

The introduction of free primary and secondary education in Kenya has shown the operational failures of the education system. Some of the failures include:  


Angaza Elimu follows the principle that everyone should have access to quality and relevant education. We value the open source community and welcome collaboration and support from those sharing the same vision. 

Kikongooni Primary School students using the eLearning platform during a Science class
Angaza Elimu
Kikongooni Primary School students using the eLearning platform during a Science class.


The Angaza Elimu team draws on diverse and extensive experiences from the education, technology and business fields. Our  talented team members understand first-hand what challenges exist for young Kenyans, and have personally overcome the barriers to excel in their fields of study. Together, we create a holistic, homegrown approach to improving the quality of education in Kenya and beyond.


We are excited to be part of the UNICEF Innovation Fund’s larger cohort of startups committed to solving issues through developing skills and connectivity solutions. We will leverage The UNICEF Innovation Fund investment to build a more robust, adaptive, model to power intelligent learning and teaching interventions. Beyond funding, we aim to tap into the technical and business expertise of the Fund team and other UNICEF colleagues to help scale Angaza Elimu across markets.