In Linkedin Live session, du and UNICEF promote child safety online

This LinkedIn live sessions was organised as part of a partnership agreement between UNICEF and du

Lina Y. Elkurd
28 November 2021

On 28 November 2021, du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company EITC) organised a live discussion, broadcasted on their LinkedIn platform, with UNICEF on protecting children online from cyberbullying and how to stay safe in a digital world.

Featuring a panel of three children and representatives from UNICEF and du, this live session aimed to raise awareness of cyber safety for children and proactively manage the negative impact in cyberspace. Hundreds of attendees watched the event online.

"We can't deal with online protection issues in isolation from what is happening offline," said Saji Thomas, Chief of Child Protection at UNICEF Gulf Area Office. "We need a strong child protection system to support children online and offline. Communication between children and their parents is equally important."

This LinkedIn live session is part of a partnership between UNICEF and du, signed in October this year. The collaboration aims to improve the protection of children online and support national partners in increasing awareness, to promote behavioural change, and ensuring the availability of all necessary support services for children and parents in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and beyond.

To watch the full video recording, please click here .