Inauguration of the Raqqada Koutteb in Kairouan Tunisia

Rehabilitated with the support of the Muslim World League

28 February 2024

Tunisia - February 26, 2024 : The Ministry of Religious Affairs, UNICEF Tunisia, and the the Muslim World League are pleased to announce the official inauguration of the Raqqada Koutteb on February 26, 2024, in the presence of Mr. Abdelkarim Farah, Director General of Objective Management at the Ministry of Religious Affairs, and Mr. Michel Le Pechoux, UNICEF Representative in Tunisia. This event marks an important milestone in the joint commitment to quality preschool education and awareness of a learning environment tailored to the needs of young children in Tunisia.

The Raqqada Koutteb, located in the Kairouan Governorate, is the result of close collaboration between local authorities, international partners, and local communities. It symbolizes the joint commitment to promoting preschool education and building a better future for Tunisian children.

This event marks the official handover to the Raqqada community and its surroundings of a reference Koutteb, rehabilitated and equipped as part of support for the establishment of quality preschool teaching and learning environments. This intervention, which also includes the rehabilitation and equipment of a second Koutteb in the Kairouan Governorate, in Sidi Abdallah, was made possible through funding from the Muslim League. The two Kouttebs, each accommodating 25 children, will serve as a model for quality pedagogical services in the region.

This initiative is part of the Multisectoral Strategy for Early Childhood Development (2017-2025) in Tunisia, aiming to improve access and quality of preschool education services.

In this context, since 2020, quality standards developed with the support of UNICEF covering areas such as infrastructure and equipment, administrative management and human resources, health and safety of children, as well as pedagogy have been deployed in preschool establishments under the auspices of the Ministries of Family, Woman, Child, and Senior Affairs, Education, Social Affairs, and Religious Affairs.

So far, UNICEF has supported the Ministry of Religious Affairs in equipping 60 Kouttebs in priority regions according to quality standards. A training plan for educators is also planned.

Investing in preschool education is a key factor in developing the skills of every girl and boy, contributing to the success of children throughout their schooling. However, in Tunisia, only 47.2% of children aged 3 to 4 benefit from preschool education, with this rate dropping to 35.4% in rural areas and 17.4% among children from the most vulnerable families.

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