National Iodine Survey Report

Exploring other sources of dietary iodine besides iodized salt

Bags of salt marked as "iodated" at a salt production operation near Koluedor on the edge of the Songhor Lagoon in Ghana on 18 May 2015


Iodine is among the important micro-nutrients essential for proper growth and development. Indeed Iodine deficiency is said to be the single greatest cause of preventable mental impairment globally and also causes many other adverse effects on development and productivity. Specific consequences of iodine deficiency may include poor pregnancy outcomes, poor school performance, poor eye-hand coordination, deaf-mutism, and cretinism. At the population level, the resultant lower productivity could affect many people with devastating effects to the national economy

National Iodine Survey Report
Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Ghana Health Service, UNICEF
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