National Early Childhood Development and Education Policy Framework

Building foundation and investing in early childhood for brighter future

Pre-primary Education in her classroom
UNICEF Ethiopia/2019/Mulugeta Ayene


Early childhood is from pregnancy to 6 years. Early childhood, especially the first three years, is a time of rapid physical, mental, psychological, social, and emotional development. These developments provide the foundations for future success. There are great benefits to be drawn from providing an environment in which children can develop fully into healthy, productive, capable, ethical, and responsible citizens. Therefore, there is a need to focus on work that impacts those in early childhood.

To reach their full potential, children in early childhood need a safe and comfortable environment, appropriate health services, an adequate and balanced diet, opportunities for preprimary education, and responsive care. To achieve this, different sectors and stakeholders must collaborate and integrate.

Failure to provide services and care jeopardizes children's right to be productive citizens, to a better life, and to contribute to society and the development of their country in general.

UNICEF Ethiopia
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