COVID-19 Response Humanitarian Situation Report #12

30 May-15 June 2020


  • UNICEF has provided 1,817,991 people, including 32,000 refugees, with critical hygiene items that include soap and sanitizers to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.
  • During this reporting period, Ethiopia has recorded 60 deaths of persons testing positive for COVID-19. Amongst these, 31 (50 percent) tested positive after their deaths, suggesting people may still not be aware of COVID-19 symptoms and when to seek health care. This may also indicate a lack of easy access to health care or fear of being stigmatized.
  • The significant rise in cases of COVID-19 is expected to have an adverse impact on children’s access to routine health services, especially as the lack of personal protective equipment continues to be a challenge. This is further challenging given that 65 per cent of new cases are attributed to community transmission.
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UNICEF Ethiopia
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