The State of Wash Financing in Eastern and Southern Africa

Eswatini Country Level Assessment

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The report of “The State of Water, Sanitation, And Hygiene (WASH) Financing in Eastern and Southern Africa: Eswatini Country Level Assessment" is a comprehensive analysis of the WASH sector in Eswatini. It employs a tool that includes 26 indicators across four different areas to assess the country's WASH financing. The tool provides a score/rating for each indicator, which is aggregated into a score for each area and an overall score. The report highlights the challenges confronting the WASH sector in Eswatini, such as inadequate sector monitoring systems, limited data availability, and inadequate budget allocation. Moreover, it provides recommendations for improving WASH financing in the country, such as strengthening monitoring and evaluation systems, enhancing data collection, and increasing budget allocations for the WASH sector. Notably, the report recognizes the limitations of the evaluation instrument and the constraints encountered during country visits.

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UNICEF, Agua Consult, Bluechain Consulting, Oxford Policy Management
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