Understanding and Amplifying the use of IoGT and U-Report among Adolescents and Young People

Participatory research conducted by ThinkPlace for UNICEF ESA between June and September 2022


As UNICEF-led platforms, the Internet of Good Things (IoGT) and U-Report play an important role in promoting two-way communication and engagement with adolescents and young people. This report outlines the key insights, learnings and recommendations gained through a participatory research around the IoGT and U-Report platforms implemented by ThinkPlace for the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) between June and September 2022. It is intended primarily for all key stakeholders within UNICEF who can help to scale up the platforms further. Other practitioners working to engage young people through digital platforms will also benefit from the report.

A mixed-methods approach combining both qualitative and quantitative research was chosen to assess the engagement patterns of adolescents (10-19) and young people (20-24) on IoGT and U-Report. Additionally, the research sought to understand best practices for engaging adolescents and young people on IoGT and U-Report. A combination of surveys, interviews and workshops were conducted with a total of 138 platforms’ users: adolescents, young people, frontline workers, and caregivers in South Africa and Tanzania. Preliminary consultations and a quantitative survey were also conducted with IoGT and U-Report focal points from UNICEF COs in ESAR to better understand how the platforms have been used to date and identify challenges and lessons from successful use cases.

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