Digital Engagement Approaches to Empower Adolescents and Young People and Bridge the Digital Divide

UNICEF U-Report and Internet of Good Things (IoGT) Case Study


Innovative platforms and tools are needed to help programmers to customize and target their approaches, be responsive to the different youth groups, and address the factors that make them vulnerable and exacerbate their risks. In recent years, the UNICEF Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office (ESARO) Social and Behaviour Change (SBC) team has promoted two main platforms in the region, U-Report and Internet of Good Things (IoGT). This case study aims to showcase the growth journey of U-Report and IoGT in the region, bring out key insights for the outcomes so far, and provide learnings and recommendations that need to be considered for further improvement in and beyond ESAR. To date, the U-Report platform has engaged over 29 million U-Reporters worldwide with over 3.7 million in 15 countries in ESAR. IoGT has reached over 6 million users in ESAR with a tremendous increased registered from 2021, when we had 2.9 million users.

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