Child Poverty in Botswana (2021)

Updating the national multiple overlapping deprivation analysis


This National Multidimensional Overlapping Deprivation Analysis (N-MODA) report is the result of joint efforts by the Directorate of Socio-Demographic Statistics of Statistics Botswana and UNICEF Office in Botswana. The report was prepared by Dr. Ibrahim Kasirye, Director Research at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC) specializing in child poverty, education, and health in Kampala, Uganda.

The study updates the first N-MODA using the 2015/2016 Botswana Multi-Topic Household Survey (BMTHS). The update reveals that there has been substantial reduction in the extent of deprivation across age groups during 2009/10 and 2015/16 in Botswana. The proportion of children under-18 years experiencing two or more deprivations declined from 63 to 49 percent.

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Statistics Botswana and UNICEF
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