SitAn Children Without Parental Care

Children at Risk of the Deprivation of Family Care and Children Without Parental Care in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SitAn Children Without Parental Care
UNICEF/I. Kapetanovic


In Bosnia and Herzegovina as in other countries, children without parental care, children at risk of separation from their families, and children with disabilities are often among the most vulnerable in society.

UNICEF in Bosnia and Herzegovina supports the relevant ministries in further advancing childcare reform. The focus is on strengthening models and capacities to prevent family separation, to provide family and community-based alternative care and to support the transformation of childcare institutions into services that provide support and assistance to vulnerable children and families.

UNICEF commissioned this Situation Analysis in order to provide current insight into the status of children without parental care and those at risk of the deprivation of family care in BiH. This group of children often remains ‘hidden’ and there is only limited reliable data and information on all aspects of their lives. This ranges from policy and legislative protection and the services they can access to the social norms and practices around them and their families who, for various reasons, can be considered ‘at risk’. It is our hope that this Situation Analysis raises attention and mobilises more targeted and concerted action among all of us who are responsible for the well-being and protection of children.

The European Union funded this analysis as part of our general and ongoing partnership to ensure that all children are cared for and protected. We thank the EU Delegation for its efforts, as part of the EU accession process and beyond, for being such a strong supporter of the rights of children in BiH.  

We trust that the findings and recommendations of this Situation Analysis will help inform planning and decision-making among all stakeholders targeted at improving the lives of all those children in Bosnia and Herzegovina who are growing up without their own parents and families. Evidence from around the world tells us that every child needs a family in order to grow and develop and to achieve their full potential.

Situaciona analiza: Djeca bez roditeljskog staranja
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