Reimagine education conference

30 November 2022
Konferencija “Osmislimo obrazovanje ponovo”

Sarajevo, November 30 and December 1, 2022. Ministry of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina, UNICEF and UNESCO in Bosnia and Herzegovina organized the conference "Call to Action to Reimagine Education in BiH - Partnership for Assuring and Improving Quality Digital Learning for All” which gathered over 100 participants from the fields of education, technology, and telecommunications.

The conference was based on the recommendations of the Transforming Education Summit, which was held in New York in September 2022. The Summit was organized in response to the global crisis in education - a crisis of equality and inclusion, quality, and relevance, and thus provided a unique opportunity to place education at the top of the global political agenda. Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) adopted a Statement of Commitment, supported by all 16 ministries of education, to define the paths of transformation of education to provide quality, inclusive and accessible education to all children and youth in BiH.

The goal of the "Call to Action to Reimagine Education in BiH! A " conference was to identify activities for establishing and improving partnerships to enhance the quality of digital learning for all children and youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina based on the recommendations of the Summit. The conference resulted in the document Commitment and Call to Action, which defines priority actions for the development of digital education in education systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the main areas are enhancement of online and blended learning, the necessity of improvement of Internet networking and responsible use of technology, improvement of the availability of assistive technology and other innovative technologies in education, development of media and information literacy, strengthening of digital and pedagogical competencies of teachers, and partnerships with the private sector. Underlying all these commitments is prioritizing marginalized students, teachers, schools, and families.

At the conference, some of the promising and already existing practices of using digital technologies in education in BiH were exhibited, which illustrated the potential for improving quality digital learning for all children.

It was concluded that BiH should use the power of the digital revolution to ensure the provision of quality education as a public good and human right, with a special focus on the most vulnerable categories.


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