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UNICEF saves the lives of 50,000 children this year thanks to funding from ECHO and other partners

UNICEF Somalia/2016/Makundi



Seven month old Abdirahmani Ahmed Ali crawls past the queue at the health centre at full speed with his teenage mother, Fowsiya proudly following after him behind. When he was originally brought to the Centre he was very weak, suffering from diarrhoea and weighing only four kilograms – slightly more than the average newborn.

A shallow well brings health and happiness to thousands of displaced people Mogadishu

UNICEF Somalia/2016/Makundi



Life at the makeshift Sadaraha camp in Mogadishu for those forced to flee fighting and drought in their home areas is always a struggle. But when the only pump at the well broke down – it had a devastating effect on the 800 families relying on it. Sitey Said Masud, a mother with six children, who lost everything when floods hit her village in Middle Shabelle region couldn’t afford to buy water for her family. It cost 5,000 Somali shillings or 50 cents for 20 litres.

Going on Tahriib - The causes and consequences of Somali youth migration to Europe

Going to Tahriib




Going on Tahriib is a UNICEF-commissioned study on youth migration and its devastating effects on families in Puntland and Somaliland where young people regularly embark on the hazardous journey to Europe via Ethiopia, Sudan and Libya, known as ‘going on tahriib. Tahriib involves human smugglers who offer deferred payment schemes to encourage migrants to leave on the perilous journey where they face being held for ransom, abuse and even death in the desert and at sea. The study was managed by the Rift Valley Institute and written by Nimo-ilhan Ali of the School of African and Oriental Studies University of London.

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