UNICEF Innovation around the world

UNICEF offices around the world pilot hundreds of innovative projects

These projects tackle serious, seemingly intractable problems and come up with inventive and usable solutions. They are making children’s lives better around issues of health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, water and sanitation, education, protection, and other needs. 

This map is by no means comprehensive and is being updated daily.

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Who we are

UNICEF Innovation is an interdisciplinary team of individuals around the world tasked with identifying, prototyping, and scaling technologies and practices that strengthen UNICEF’s work. We build and scale innovations that improve children’s lives around the world.


UNICEF Innovation works across three main areas:

  • Providing support to hundreds of global UNICEF innovation projects that may need new partners, technologies, or connections.
  • Development of and experimentation with new operational models, such as the UNICEF Fellows programme.
  • Looking at the 3-5 year future horizon for UNICEF – things that are coming but not yet ready: 3D printing, the future of transportation and identity, digital currency, and other future possibilities.


Why innovate?

Our partners

Partnerships allow us to bring different sets of skills, viewpoints, and influence to focus on the challenges facing women and children.

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Our principles

Our work is built on a set of principles, including open collaboration and learning from fast failures, that have informed our successes and been built from our failures:

  • Design with the user

  • Understand the existing ecosystem

  • Design for scale

  • Build for sustainability

  • Be data driven

  • Use open standards, open data, open source, and open innovation

  • Reuse and improve

  • Do no harm

  • Be collaborative

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