WASH-Nutrition Strategy

To maximize the impact of projects addressing malnutrition through interventions of the Water, Sanitation, Hygiene sector

8 year-olds Mataram (yellow veil) from Blana, Niger and her friend Falmata from Malam Fatouri, Nigeria pump water from a water hole installed by UNICEF in a displaced people camp in Garin Wazam, Niger on August 10, 2016
UNICEF Niger/2016/SamPhelps


This document was prepared by UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa, under the leadership of Christophe Valingot and the review of Joachim Peeters (WASH Specialist) and Arnaud Laillou (Nutrition Specialist), on behalf of the WASH Regional Group and the Nutrition Regional Group.

This WASH - Nutrition strategic guidance note for West and Central Africa builds on the precedent WASH-in-NUT strategy elaborated in 2012 and is the regional outcome of a multiyear collaborative work conducted at country level between 2018 and 2022, in Mali, Niger, Nigeria Chad, Burkina Faso. This work is based on a strong multi-partner collaboration, involving national technical directorates of the water and sanitation sector as well as technical directorates of Health and Nutrition, civil society organizations, national and international NGOs as well as United Nations agencies.

This document can serve as a technical and strategic guide for any partner wishing to strengthen the intersectorality of WASH-Nutrition programmes. It presents the regional WASH & Nutrition context, a brief review of the latest scientific evidence, and proposes an integrated WASH-Nutrition programming framework adapted to the regional context of West and Central Africa. Beyond the implementation of programmes, this document also calls for the explicit and concrete inclusion of WASH-Nutrition integration into national policy documents.

Dakar, October 2022.


Adolescent Girl in Senegal
UNICEF West and Central Africa

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