Sri Lanka Children's Declaration on Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation

A declaration for the children by the children

Location: Kalundai, Jaffna on 3 December 2020
UNICEF Sri Lanka


Where Sri Lanka is located, the formation of its land, mountains, rivers, and the tropical weather patterns exposes us to harsh weather events and natural disasters such as heavy rainfall, floods, and landslides. When severe weather events and natural disasters increase, and when we are not prepared for it, we see more and more families and children being affected. This impacts our wellbeing - as we are dependent on our parents, caregivers and adults for our wellbeing, we realise that some of our critical needs are not met during a natural disaster.

With our important role as agents of change, we got an opportunity to develop a declaration which identifies six resolutions needed to reduce the impact of natural disasters on our lives and to ensure there are no gaps in child protection and education during a disaster situation.

We feel that being actively involved gives us a better understanding of how to minimize disaster risk, how to respond to disaster, what climate change actions are needed in our communities, and most of all a great opportunity for us to influence our own future!

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