UNICEF Pakistan annual report 2018

An in-depth overview of UNICEF Pakistan's activities in 2018

A young girl from Punjab poses for a photograph


Pakistan’s wholehearted commitment to its children is demonstrated by the fact that the country was the sixth in the world to sign and ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child. UNICEF has worked with Pakistan’s governments, civil society, development partners and sister agencies, the private sector and the public to fulfill this historic commitment.

In 2018, UNICEF renewed its pledge to Pakistan’s children by launching a new Country Programme (2018–2022) which was signed in partnership with the Government. This directed UNICEF's efforts towards ensuring that:

  • Every child survives and thrives, is in good health, immunized, protected from polio and accesses a nutritious diet;
  • Every child learns;
  • Every child is protected from violence and exploitation, and is registered at birth;
  • Every child lives in a safe and clean environment, with access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation.

This annual report for 2018 gives an account of the progress UNICEF Pakistan has made along this path. It details the successes and the challenges that the organisation experienced during the year, as well as the priorities for the year ahead.

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