All I see is possibility

Salissou Hassane Latifa is coding apps, saving lives and proving that a girl can do anything. Creative, compassionate, determined, she will give you hope for the future. She has what it takes to change the world.

UNICEF Niger/2019
11 April 2019

When you think of a place that inspires innovation,

You probably wont think of my country

When you think of the next great tech developers

You probably wont think of a young Nigerien girl

But I thought differently.

Where others saw obstacles,

I saw a chance to make a difference

A chance to use my skills to help people

To change perceptions, break moulds

And when I think about the future of my country,

All I see is possibility, all I see is hope

Because we are a generation of young people

With the power to change the world

Latifa Hassane Salissou, MissGeekAfrica 2018, Niger

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By 2030 there will be 2 billion young women and men seeking opportunities for a bright future throughout the world.

If these young people are prepared with the right skills for work, they will live out their full potential and lift up entire nations. But investments in learning and training are falling short and too many young people are not keeping pace with the evolving demands of employment.

Generation Unlimited brings young people together with the private sector, governments, international and local organizations to tackle this urgent challenge. We are connecting secondary-age education and training to a complex and fast-changing world of work. We’re matching young people with job opportunities, fostering entrepreneurship and empowering a generation to fully engage with their societies as active citizens.

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