Determined to cope

Marking the impact of 11 years of conflict on children in Syria

Sandra Awad
16 March 2022

11-year-old Aminah has lived through the devastating conflict. A shell fell on the bakery where her dad and brothers worked. The building collapsed and killed her dad and eldest brother, and badly injured the other brother. The traumatic experience shook her badly.

“I became afraid of sudden sounds and movements and covered my ears every time my little brother would cry,” Aminah described.

With her mother’s support, she enrolled to a UNICEF -supported centre and has learned how to look at things differently.

“Going to the centre made me realize that I’m not the only one who has suffered. Everyone has problems,” said Aminah. “Ms Areej taught me how to look at things differently and how important it is to be present rather than to live in painful memories from the past,” she added.

UNICEF/Syria/2022/Hasan Belal