The impact of climate change on children

in the Middle East and North Africa

children colouring


The climate crisis is a child rights crisis.

Climate change is the greatest threat facing the world’s children and young people. Climate change poses major threats to their health, nutrition, education, and future.

Children are less able to survive extreme weather events and are more susceptible to toxic chemicals, temperature changes1 and diseases.

The Middle East and North Africa is among the world’s most vulnerable regions when it comes to climate change. The region is warming faster than the global average, with summer temperatures predicted to rise by up to 4°C by 2071-2100 compared to pre-industrial temperatures.

In parts of the Middle East, combined heat and humidity is predicted to reach or exceed the thresholds of human tolerance and adaptability within this century2. In other parts of MENA, combined heat and drought will accelerate desertification and lead to increases in dust storms, with dire impacts to children’s health.

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