Child Poverty in Malawi

The situation of children in relation to poverty, inequality and general well-being in 2016

Children in Mulanje district interacting at a Children's Corner
UNICEF Malawi/2018/Thoko Chikondi


Malawi has made some notable progress towards achieving global and national targets in key areas of child well-being, particularly in health. Children account for over half of the country’s population, yet their rights and needs are often seen as marginal to development efforts. Despite the progress, some challenges still remain. Poverty remains entrenched and threatens the gains made. It is hoped that the findings and recommendations of this report will help all sectors to fully understand the situation of children in relation to poverty and inequality in the country. We hope it will trigger policymakers to develop comprehensive responses to address all forms of poverty affecting children. And that the evidence and analysis presented here will encourage a national debate about what constitutes child poverty in Malawi and how to address it holistically.

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