Designing Digital Interventions for Lasting Impact

A Human-Centred Guide to Digital Health Deployment

A Human-Centred Guide to Digital Health Deployments​​: Designing Digital Interventions for Lasting Impact
UNICEF Innovation


This toolkit introduces human-centred design, a problem-solving process that starts with understanding the community and context surrounding a challenge. Designing for people and their everyday interactions allows us to solve for the right problems. A well-functioning digital solution fails if it only works in theory and does not anticipate issues faced by frontline workers, members of the community, caregivers, and the existing systems that surround them. No health expert or digital strategist has more knowledge than a Community Health Worker or Nurse about how to solve their problem. The methodologies in this toolkit acknowledge this by focusing on observing, interacting with, and designing for the people that we seek to serve in addition to looking at technical constraints and specifications.

Demand for Health Services: A Human-Centred Field Guide for Investigating and Responding to Challenges​
UNICEF Health Section Implementation Research and Delivery Science Unit and the Office of Innovation Global Innovation Centre
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