09 July 2024

Empowering Educators in the Digital Age

The Superstar Teacher Toolbox is a comprehensive resource developed by UNICEF's Global Learning Innovation Hub, designed to help educators effectively integrate digital and mobile technologies into their teaching. This series addresses the growing need for guidance in using tech-based educational tools, offering practical strategies to enhance teaching and learning, even in emergency contexts. The series includes two main publications: Digital Pedagogy and Mobile Messaging for Teaching-Learning. Digital Pedagogy focuses on setting effective learning objectives, implementing assessments, fostering collaboration, and developing sustainable digital tool integration strategies. It emphasizes creating engaging content, enhancing social and collaborative learning, and promoting creativity through interactive digital experiences, while ensuring safe and responsible use of digital tools.Mobile Messaging for Teaching-Learning explores the use of mobile messaging solutions in education, drawing on best practices and lessons from various countries. It covers the role of mobile messaging in enhancing communication and engagement, connectivity requirements, effective instructional strategies, and ethical guidelines. The tool also provides practical tips for creating engaging content on mobile messaging platforms and strategies for assessing student learning. By using the strategies and insights from the Superstar Teacher Toolbox series, educators can create high-quality, interactive learning experiences, preparing students to succeed in the 21st century's digital landscape. 
27 May 2024

Summit of OUR Future

Young people around the world are shaping and building their digital experience of the world. The creativity and ingenuity of young tech entrepreneurs and innovators transcends across borders – but access to capital, technology and support are limited, restricted or simply unavailable, particularly in emerging economies.  But what if this could…, A Digital Future Powered by Youth, At the heart of the campaign lies a commitment to meaningful participation of young people in designing and building their digital future, and a call for the diversification of capital to build pipelines of tech entrepreneurs and digital innovators from emerging markets.  The digital revolution presents both challenges and opportunities,…, We are the users, not the used, There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today, with nearly 90 per cent  in low- and middle-income countries. The global digital divide has created a gap between young digital natives - tech entrepreneurs, and innovators, and those experiencing digital exclusion, restriction or limitations.  In a survey of over 80,000 young people across…, Decentralizing the Digital Discourse, The philanthropic UNICEF Venture Fund is a unique model for equity and inclusivity in frontier tech for social impact.  It makes equity-free financial and mentoring investments in open-source solutions that accelerate results for children, with an intentional lens on entrepreneurs in emerging markets and female-led and female-founded startups. …, Join the campaign, Summit of our future Through the Summit of OUR Future campaign, UNICEF is calling on policy makers to ensure an inclusive, equitable and open digital future and amplify the call from young people for collective and increased investment to build and strengthen tech innovation networks in developing and emerging markets.  Summt of Our Futute logo…