Impact evaluation of COVID-19 restriction measures on Children’s Rights – Greece

This report by the Greek Ombudsperson in collaboration with the UNICEF Greece office presents the main research findings on the effects of the pandemic on children and young people’s rights in Greece.


The report by the Greek Ombudsperson in collaboration with UNICEF Greece Country Office includes the results of the impact evaluation of COVID 19 restriction measures on children’s rights and on the right to education, health and protection from all forms of violence in particular, which are the main thematic areas of the research.

The research was carried out within the collaboration framework of UNICEF ECARO and ENOC (European Network of Ombudspersons for Children-ENOC) under the supervision and coordination of the Deputy Ombudswoman for Children’s Rights in Greece.

It was based on the analysis of data collected through questionnaires addressing the above thematic areas, electronically distributed to parents, children and professional as well as on relevant bibliography, legislation and jurisprudence regarding the measures adopted and implemented during March 2020 – February 2021 in Greece.  

Specific recommendations per thematic area have been included in the report and the views of parents, children and professionals working in the child protection sector have been incorporated focusing on the impact of COVID restriction measures on children but also on possible improvements in similar future situations.

Υοu can download the full report in Greek. The report's summary in English is available here.

UNICEF and Greek Ombudsperson
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