Young People

Developing National Youth Policy and Action Plan in Georgia


Programme Overview

Young people (10 - 29 years) represent approximately 24,6 per cent of the population of Georgia. Difficulties in education, employment, inclusion and health, further combined with problems in finance, housing or transport, make it difficult for young people to achieve autonomy, a situation where they have the resources and opportunities to manage their own lives, fully participate in society and decide independently.

Georgia scores highest in youth unemployment compared to its neighboring countries.

 The level of poverty among young people in Georgiais also significant and consumption of cigarettes, alcohol and illicit drugs among youth is high. 

We work with the Government in generating necessary evidence on the situation of young people and in developing the National Youth Policy and Action Plan. 

As parenting programmes are increasingly recognized as important element for successful development of children from birth through adulthood, we also work to develop evidence on parenting adolescents with the aim of elaborating relevant policies and programmes. 

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