Tigray Preparedness and Response Plan

March – September 2021

©UNICEF Ethiopia/2021/Esieyleul


Ethiopia’s humanitarian crisis in the north of the country has moved into its 5th month. According to the HNO[1] the conflict in the Tigray Region has prompted a major displacement within the region and outside, with a large part of the regions 5.7 million inhabitants in need of emergency assistance and protection.

UNICEF has seen greater access to the region and as such have revised its response plan to match the greater and upcoming needs of the population. This plan seeks to increase the capacity of UNICEF to sustain existing support to the already existing vulnerable population in Tigray, to advocate for protection, freedom of movement, ensure unhampered, safe and equitable access to goods, services, and the protection of the civilian population. 

The plan also seeks to respond to the protection and assistance needs of an additional caseload of people that are likely to be affected in Amhara and Afar regions by the on-going crisis in the next six months (March 2021 to September 2021).


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