Child Labour Analysis in Ethiopia


Children from the ASR program at Simbile Primary School, Afar Region.
UNICEF Ethiopia /2018/ Tadesse


The 2015 Ethiopia National Child Labour Survey (NCLS) is the most recent survey on child labour in Ethiopia providing detailed information on the extent and characteristics of child
labour. However, due to its focus on children living in households—with adults who are legally responsible for them—NCLS omits vulnerable hard-to-reach children not living in traditional

The aim of this report is threefold. First, we use data from the 2015 NCLS and the 2013 Labour Force Survey (LFS) to deepen knowledge about the causes and consequences of child labour as well as the labour market for youth. Second, through qualitative interviews and analysis, we seek to enhance knowledge about hard-to-reach children working in urban areas. We want to know why they work, what risks and hazards they face, what makes them vulnerable, whattheir coping strategies are and what the possible solutions are according to stakeholders.

Lastly, the report provides a mapping of national policies and programmes related to child labour and youth employment.

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UNICEF Ethiopia and Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia
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