Yegna in my head campaign

Baseline report


In 2014 Yegna was born! The platform consisted of a radio drama, radio talk show and music, and focused on the lives of 5 teenage girls, who formed their friendship through forming a music band The girls faced challenges which they solved as a team and produced music that reflected their experiences.

The core Yegna audience was girls aged 13 15 However, Yegna gained huge popularity, not only with adolescent girls but with communities more widely. From 2012 to 2019 Yegna’s branded offering included radio content and music in the Ethiopia’s national working language, Amharic The radio was broadcast in Addis and Amhara, but the music reached far and wide with the first single winning ‘best single of the year’ in a national award. In 2019 Yegna introduced a gender-mixed cast and developed a new TV drama “Yegna the story of all of us”, which is now aired nationally in multiple languages Yegna drama is the first ever teen drama in Ethiopia that tackles difficult social issues with warmth, humour and music.

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