UNICEF Ethiopia Emergency Drought Appeal

Adi Kure, 11, fetches water
UNICEF Ethiopia/2021/Demissew Bizuwerk


Today, children and their families across four regions of Ethiopia, are struggling for survival as a severe drought takes hold following three consecutive failed rainy seasons. The most severely impacted areas are the lowlands of Afar, Somali, SNNPR and southern and eastern Oromia Region. This has led to a devastating impact on livelihoods and livestock, with food security deteriorating rapidly. More than 70,000 livestock animals have died with the number increasing daily in all affected regions due to a lack of animal feed and water, leading to further negative impacts to livelihoods. Internal displacement has already begun with severe consequences to displaced people, livestock and the children and families left behind, as caregivers seek livelihood opportunities for their survival.


UNICEF Ethiopia Emergency Drought Appeal

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