Cost–benefit analysis of investments in early childhood in Burundi

Final Report (December 2021)

A small child playing with a little drum
UNICEF Burundi/2021/Benisanamu


This cost–benefit analysis of investments in early childhood development in Burundi is the result of a participatory process between the Government of Burundi and UNICEF in collaboration with UNDP and UN CDF within the framework of the Joint Strengthening the Sustainable Development Goals Financing Architecture and Ecosystem in Burundi.

This study is the result of a process led by the members of the Steering Committee as well as those of the Technical Committee responsible for supporting the implementation of the Joint Programme, under the direction of the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning. This report could not have been completed without the continued commitment of all the members of the said committees, from the various institutions, including the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight Against AIDS, the Ministry of Interior, Community Development and Public Security, the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender, the Ministry of Environment, Agriculture and Livestock, the Institute of Economic Studies and Statistics of Burundi, the United Nations agencies involved and other parties involved in the issue of early childhood in Burundi.

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